Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: srnvatam

  śṛṇvatām—of those hearing    SB 6.3.32, Madhya 24.52, Madhya 25.152
  śṛṇvatām—listening    SB 4.6.37, SB 7.1.14-15
  śṛṇvatām—hearing    SB 6.14.32, SB 8.4.16
  śṛṇvatām—by continuous hearing    SB 1.1.19
  śṛṇvatām—those who have developed the urge to hear the message of    SB 1.2.17
  śṛṇvatām—being heard.    SB 1.13.7
  śṛṇvatām—continuously hearing    SB 3.5.7
  śṛṇvatām—of those who listen.    SB 3.19.38
  śṛṇvatām—were listening.    SB 6.17.26
  śṛṇvatām—who are very eager to hear.    SB 8.1.2
  śṛṇvatām—who desired to hear.    SB 8.1.33
  śṛṇvatām—of persons who hear this narration.    SB 8.4.14
  śṛṇvatām—while hearing    SB 9.20.20

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing srnvatam.