Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: srjah

  viśva-sṛjaḥ—of the creator of the universe    SB 2.1.26
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—progenitors of the universal population    SB 4.2.34
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—all the demigods like Brahmā    SB 4.11.27
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—Marīci and the other creators of the universal affairs    SB 6.3.14-15
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—important personalities to create the universe    SB 6.4.49-50
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—the creators of the manifested world    SB 6.16.35
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—the directors of the cosmic creation    SB 6.16.48
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—the prajāpatis, to whom the management of universal affairs was entrusted    SB 7.15.72
  viśva-sṛjaḥ—the directors of universal management    SB 8.8.27

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