Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sriyah

  śriyaḥ—of the goddess of fortune    SB 1.10.26, SB 1.11.26, SB 2.9.15, SB 6.18.33-34, Madhya 8.80, Madhya 8.232, Madhya 9.121, Antya 7.29
  śriyaḥ—the goddess of fortune    SB 8.8.25, Madhya 14.227
  śriyaḥ—opulence    SB 8.17.15, SB 9.9.43
  śriyaḥ—of beauty    Adi 4.156, Madhya 21.112
  śriyaḥ—beauty.    SB 1.11.19
  śriyaḥ—beauties    SB 1.11.25
  śriyaḥ—beauty    SB 1.14.20
  śriyaḥ—all opulence    SB 2.4.20
  śriyaḥ—fortune    SB 3.3.3
  śriyaḥ—decorated with    SB 6.1.34-36
  śriyaḥ—the opulences    SB 7.9.23
  śriyaḥ—from all opulence.    SB 8.20.15
  śriyaḥ—from that opulence    SB 8.22.16
  śriyaḥ—of all opulences    SB 8.23.22-23
  bhramara-śriyaḥ—decorated by drones.    SB 1.6.12
  śriyaḥ pateḥ—unto Lord Rāmacandra, the husband of the goddess Sītā.    SB 10.3.50
  śriyaḥ patiḥ—Lord Viṣṇu, the husband of the goddess of fortune.    SB 6.2.44
  śriyaḥ patiḥ—Nārāyaṇa, the husband of the goddess of fortune (may protect)    SB 10.6.25-26
  hṛta-śriyaḥ—bereft of all opulence    SB 8.16.15
  jalaruha-śriyaḥ—appeared very beautiful because of blooming lotuses all around    SB 10.3.1-5
  mukha-śriyaḥ—the beauty of their faces    SB 8.7.7
  mukti-śriyaḥ—of the opulence of liberation    Madhya 15.110

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