Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sriman

  sriman—beautiful    SB 4.21.18, Adi 3.66
  sriman—very beautiful    SB 8.2.1, SB 10.8.14
  sriman—the most beautiful form    Madhya 1.5
  sriman—Sriman    Madhya 13.39
  sriman—most beautiful    Antya 1.7

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sriman

  sriman pandita—Sriman Pandita    Madhya 10.83, Madhya 11.89
  sriman-pandita—Sriman Pandita    Antya 10.9-11, Antya 10.122
  sriman-madana-gopala—of the Deity named Sriman Madana-gopala    Madhya 25.282
  sriman-mathura-mandale—in Mathura, where Krsna specifically performs His pastimes    Madhya 22.132
  sriman sena—of the name Sriman Sena    Adi 10.52
  sriman-pandita—of the name Sriman Pandita    Adi 10.37
  sriman-sena—Sriman Sena    Antya 10.9-11
  sriman-sena—Sivananda Sena    Antya 10.122