Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sravana

  sravana—hearing    SB 1.2.17, SB 1.8.35, SB 3.16.6, SB 3.33.6, SB 5.9.3, Adi 8.16, Adi 16.52, Madhya 1.117, Madhya 6.127, Madhya 6.284-285 (and more...)
  sravana—hearing.    Madhya 6.121, Madhya 6.124, Madhya 6.126, Madhya 10.114, Antya 9.82
  sravana—ears    SB 1.3.4, SB 4.9.6
  sravana—by hearing    SB 5.14.2, SB 9.10.10
  sravana—from hearing    Madhya 16.186, Madhya 18.125
  sravana—of hearing    Madhya 17.51, Madhya 19.152
  sravana—to hear    SB 4.29.39-40
  sravana—to the ear    SB 6.18.41
  sravana—hearing about whom    SB 8.17.8
  sravana—hearing power.    Adi 4.244
  sravana—while hearing such blasphemy.    Adi 7.51
  sravana—aural reception    Adi 7.104
  sravana—hear    Adi 13.122
  sravana—ear    Madhya 2.31
  sravana—topic of hearing    Madhya 8.255
  sravana—the ear.    Madhya 24.6
  sravana—the aural reception.    Antya 3.271
  sravana—ears.    Antya 17.25
  sravana—the ears    Antya 17.40

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sravana

  sravana-kirtana—hearing and chanting    Madhya 9.261, Madhya 22.156-157, Antya 4.65
  sravana-adau—in the matter of sravanam, kirtanam, and so on    Madhya 9.266, Madhya 22.61
  bhagavata-sravana—hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam    Madhya 22.128
  sravana kara—go on hearing    Madhya 17.121
  sravana karite—to hear.    Antya 5.81
  sravana-dvadasyam—on the twelfth lunar day of the bright fortnight in the month of Bhadra, the day famous as the Sravana-dvadasi    SB 8.18.5
  sravana-iccha—desired to hear    Antya 1.137
  sravana-kirtana—the process of chanting and hearing    Madhya 9.258
  sravana-kirtana—hearing, chanting and so on    Madhya 23.10
  sravana-madhye—out of all topics for hearing    Madhya 8.255
  sravana-mangala—all good simply by hearing the name    SB 2.7.15
  sravana-mangalam—giving all spiritual benefit to anyone who hears    Madhya 14.13
  sravana-matre—simply by hearing    Adi 15.5
  sravana-putesu—within the earholes    SB 2.2.37
  sravana-purvasadhe—the stars named Sravana and Purvasadha    SB 5.23.6
  sravana-utsuke—being situated in hearing with great transcendental pleasure.    SB 10.11.34
  sravana-adini—the activities of bhakti-yoga, beginning with hearing and chanting    SB 10.6.3
  sravana-adi—devotional service, beginning with hearing    Adi 7.141
  sravana-adi—by hearing, etc.    Madhya 22.107
  sravana-adi—consisting of chanting, hearing and so on    Madhya 23.29
  sravana-adi jala—the water of sravana, kirtana and so on.    Madhya 19.155
  sravana-adi-kriya—the process of hearing, chanting and so forth    Madhya 22.106
  sravana-adye—in hearing, chanting and so on    Madhya 23.11
  sravana-adyera—of hearing, chanting and so forth    Madhya 24.62
  sri-bhagavata-sravana—regularly hearing the recitation of Srimad-Bhagavatam.    Madhya 24.339
  sri-nama-sravana—hearing the holy name.    Antya 3.243
  gana-sravana—hearing of the song    Antya 13.136-137
  hrdaya-sravana—the ear and heart.    Antya 19.111
  kairachena sravana—had heard    Antya 8.50
  karaha sravana—hear.    Antya 5.8
  karaha sravana—you hear    Antya 7.94
  karaye sravana—hears    Madhya 25.239
  karena sravana—would hear.    Antya 7.81
  karaya sravana—causes to be heard.    Antya 5.96
  krsna-kathara sravana—listening to discourses on topics concerning Krsna.    Antya 5.159
  na kare sravana—do not hear.    Antya 7.91
  punya-sravana-kirtanah—He is simply worshiped by hearing and chanting, by which one becomes purified.    SB 9.3.34
  vedanta-sravana—hearing of Vedanta philosophy    Madhya 6.121
  vidhana-sravana—hearing of the process of writing.    Antya 20.103