Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sravah

  sravah—glorious activities    SB 4.17.6-7
  sravah—famous    SB 1.5.13
  sravah—celebrated    SB 1.18.46

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sravah

  bhuri-sravah—Bhurisrava    SB 9.22.18-19
  brhat-sravah—greatly respected    SB 1.5.1
  brhat-sravah—highly famous.    SB 1.17.43-44
  brhat-sravah—of wide fame    SB 3.17.28
  brhat-sravah—whose activities were great    SB 4.25.10
  suci-sravah—the most celebrated Vedic authority    SB 8.21.2-3
  priya-sravah—pleasing to hear    SB 1.6.33
  punya-sravah—by hearing which    SB 4.22.22
  prthu-sravah—of wide renown.    SB 4.15.4
  prthu-sravah—of great activities    SB 4.24.1
  prthu-sravah—saintly and celebrated    SB 9.10.1
  rakta-sravah—profusely discharging blood    SB 6.12.26
  su-sravah—O highly glorified Lord    SB 4.20.26
  tat-anusmrti-uda-sravah—as they remembered their sons, tears began to roll down from their eyes.    SB 10.13.34
  tirtha-sravah—as famous as a place of pilgrimage    SB 2.7.15
  tirtha-sravah—celebrated as the ultimate shelter of all saintly persons    SB 8.17.8
  udara-sravah—famous as a very pious king    SB 5.15.6
  udara-sravah—very greatly celebrated    SB 5.24.18
  uru-sravah—whose glories are widespread.    SB 7.1.12