Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sprhah

  sprhah—all material modes of anger and greed.    SB 7.10.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sprhah

  dvija-sprhah—desiring to hear birds    SB 5.13.16
  gata-sprhah—completely freed from all material desires    SB 1.6.26
  jata-sprhah—became sexually inclined    SB 9.6.39-40
  vigata-sprhah—without being too interested    Bg 2.56
  vigata-sprhah—being freed from all material lusty desires.    SB 9.19.21
  vigata-sprhah—completely free from desires for material possessions    SB 9.21.16
  vigata-sprhah—without any desire.    SB 3.15.12