Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sparse

  sparse—by the touch    Madhya 8.36, Madhya 8.45, Antya 15.76
  sparse—by touching    Madhya 11.10, Madhya 15.108, Antya 4.129-130, Antya 5.19
  sparse—in His touch    SB 8.20.25-29
  sparse—and touch    Adi 4.183
  sparse—the touch    Adi 4.247
  sparse—in the touch    Adi 4.260
  sparse—by touching each other    Madhya 6.228
  sparse—touches    Madhya 8.287

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sparse

  prabhu-sparse—by the touch of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 7.141, Madhya 20.52
  tanra sparse—by His touch    Antya 4.198, Antya 18.66
  sri-hasta-sparse—by the touch of the transcendental hand of Lord Caitanya    Madhya 13.31
  gatra-sparse—in touching the bodies    SB 9.4.18-20
  prabhu-sparse—because of being touched by the Lord    Madhya 12.63
  sannyasira sparse—by touching a sannyasi    Madhya 8.27
  taruni-sparse—by touching the young girls    Antya 5.19
  taruni-sparse—in touching young girls    Antya 5.41
  tomara carana-sparse—by touching Your lotus feet    Madhya 25.75
  tara sparse—by the touching of Krsna by Laksmi    Madhya 9.116