Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sparsana

  sparsana—touching    SB 4.23.20
  sparsana—by touching    SB 5.14.2
  sparsana—by the touching    SB 5.17.20
  sparsana—whose touch    SB 6.8.24
  sparsana—and touching your feet    SB 9.5.20
  sparsana—the touching    Madhya 8.287

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sparsana

  darsana-sparsana—seeing and touching.    Antya 5.39
  darsana-sparsana—interview and touching    Antya 11.103
  jivera sparsana—a living entity can touch.    Antya 18.20
  na kara sparsana—do not touch.    Madhya 20.55
  prakrti-sparsana—the Lord glances over the material nature    Madhya 20.273
  rasera sparsana—tasting.    Antya 6.311
  sarva-anga-sparsana—touching the whole body.    Madhya 18.62
  sva-pada-sparsana—of touching His feet    Adi 6.74
  yat-sparsana—simply by the slight association of whom    SB 10.12.38