Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sodasa

  ṣoḍaśa—sixteen    SB 4.1.48, SB 4.29.74, SB 7.7.22, SB 7.9.21, Adi 5.84, Adi 10.93, Madhya 20.266, Madhya 24.334
  ṣoḍaśa—sixteen.    SB 1.11.30
  ṣoḍaśa—in sixteen divisions    SB 2.4.23
  ṣoḍaśa—the sixteen    SB 2.9.17
  ṣoḍaśa—sixteenth    Adi 17.327
  ṣoḍaśa bheda pracāra—there are sixteen varieties.    Madhya 24.291
  ṣoḍaśa vibheda—divided into sixteen varieties    Madhya 24.292
  ṣoḍaśa-are—with sixteen spokes (the five material elements, the ten senses, and the leader of the senses, namely the mind)    SB 7.9.22
  ṣoḍaśa-kalam—sixteen primary principles    SB 1.3.1
  ṣoḍaśa-kalam—made of sixteen parts (namely the ten senses, the mind and the five sense objects)    SB 6.1.51
  ṣoḍaśa-kalaḥ—having all sixteen parts (the full moon)    SB 5.22.10
  ṣoḍaśa-kalāya—whose parts are the sixteen original ingredients of creation (namely the five objects of the senses and the eleven senses, including the mind)    SB 5.18.18
  ṣoḍaśa-sahasram—sixteen thousand yojanas    SB 5.16.7
  ṣoḍaśa-upacāra-pūjāya—by worshiping with sixteen kinds of paraphernalia    Antya 6.302
  ṣoḍaśa-ātmakaḥ—being the generator of these sixteen    SB 2.4.23
  ṣoḍaśa-ātmā—the chief of the sixteen material elements (the five gross elements, the ten senses and the mind)    SB 5.11.5

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