Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sneha

  sneha—affection    SB 1.8.47, SB 3.4.14, SB 3.15.39, SB 4.14.25, Madhya 6.120, Madhya 19.178, Madhya 23.42, Madhya 25.213, Antya 10.18, Antya 10.20 (and more...)
  sneha—of affection    SB 10.13.25, Madhya 10.139
  sneha—the affection    Madhya 12.177, Madhya 16.287
  sneha—from affection    SB 4.26.19
  sneha—by affection    SB 10.8.44
  sneha—with affection    Madhya 10.140
  duhitṛ-sneha—by affection for my daughter    SB 3.22.8
  guru-snehā—whose great affection    Madhya 23.87-91
  kṛṣṇa-sneha—the affection of Lord Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 8.166
  mātṛ-sneha—by affection for his mother    SB 6.9.3
  pitṛ-mātṛ-sneha—paternal love    Madhya 24.33
  putra-sneha-anubaddha-manāḥ—who was obliged by affection for his son    SB 5.9.4
  putra-sneha-mayīm—very much attached because of maternal affection for her son    SB 10.8.43
  putra-sneha-snuta—because of intense love for her child, became wet with milk    SB 10.9.3
  putra-sneha-snuta-stanī—while she was calling Them, milk flowed from her breast because of her ecstatic love and affection.    SB 10.11.14
  putra-sneha-snutāni—that milk coming from the bodies of the gopīs, not artificially but because of maternal affection    SB 10.6.39-40
  sneha kare—loves    Madhya 12.28
  sneha karena—she was affectionate    Madhya 9.298
  sneha kari—out of affection    Madhya 12.178
  sneha kari—showing His affection    Madhya 19.253
  sneha-anubaddha—captivated by affection    SB 5.8.11
  sneha-anubandha—because of affection    SB 6.14.50-51
  sneha-anubandhanam—tied by affectionate bondage.    SB 1.6.6
  sneha-atiśayam—very great affection    SB 5.4.18
  sneha-baddham—influenced by this affection    SB 8.16.18
  sneha-kalāḥ—the art of affection    SB 2.1.31
  sneha-nibaddha-dhīḥ—because of an intense spirit of love    SB 10.11.20
  sneha-pariplutā—with great affection and love.    SB 10.7.34
  sneha-prasara—extensive love    SB 3.2.5
  sneha-pāśa—the bonds of affection    SB 6.5.40
  sneha-pāśaiḥ—by the ropes of affection    SB 7.6.9
  sneha-pāśam—tie of affection    SB 1.8.41
  sneha-pāśaḥ—bondage of affection    SB 6.14.55
  sneha-pāśān—strong network of affection    SB 1.13.29
  sneha-pātra—object of affection.    Madhya 15.283
  sneha-sambaddhāḥ—bound by pure affection    SB 1.10.13
  sneha-snuta—moistened by affection    SB 1.11.29
  sneha-snuta—which was flowing because of intense love    SB 10.13.22
  sneha-snutam—which was flowing with milk because of intense affection    SB 10.9.5
  sneha-vaśa—obliged by affection    Madhya 10.139
  sneha-vaśa—controlled by love and affection    Madhya 12.28
  sneha-vaiklavyāt—mental derangement due to profound affection    SB 1.13.35
  sneha-vaiklavyāt—from an exchange of love and affection    SB 9.19.26
  sneha-vallī—the creeper of affection    SB 10.13.26
  sneha-vyavahāra—very intimate behavior    Madhya 11.17
  sneha-vyavahāra—affectionate behavior.    Madhya 12.176
  sneha-yantrita-cetasā—his mind being controlled by such affection    SB 9.7.15
  sneha-yantritaḥ—being attached by affection    SB 6.1.26
  tat-sneha-sitaḥ—being bound by their affection    SB 7.6.11-13
  tat-sneha-vaśaḥ—because of increased love for the calves    SB 10.13.30
  vyavahāra-sneha—love and affection because of a previous relationship    Madhya 25.213
  ātma-sneha—of affection due to a relationship    SB 6.16.12

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