Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: snane

  snane—bathing    Madhya 9.311
  snane—bath.    Madhya 11.197
  snane—by bathing    Madhya 15.134

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: snane

  ganga-snane—for bathing in the Ganges    Madhya 3.184, Madhya 9.170
  madhyahnika snane—bath in the afternoon.    Madhya 14.239
  samudra-snane—bathing in the sea    Antya 2.153-154
  snane yana—goes to bathe    Madhya 25.175
  tri-veni-snane—to bathe at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati rivers    Madhya 24.230
  tungabhadraya snane—bathing in the river Tungabhadra.    Madhya 9.244