Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: snana

  snana—bathing    SB 5.8.11, Adi 13.102, Adi 14.48, Madhya 1.116, Madhya 3.35, Madhya 3.37, Madhya 4.60, Madhya 5.14, Madhya 6.223, Madhya 9.316 (and more...)
  snana—bath    SB 1.10.28, SB 1.16.22, SB 4.26.11, Adi 7.158, Madhya 4.61, Madhya 4.62, Madhya 7.23, Madhya 7.91, Madhya 7.134, Madhya 8.14 (and more...)
  snana—taking bath    SB 4.24.58, Adi 10.101
  snana—by the bathing    SB 4.6.22
  snana—water for bathing    SB 6.19.7
  snana—bathing places    SB 9.6.45-46
  snana—bathing.    Adi 14.75
  snana—bath.    Madhya 8.12
  snana—the bath    Madhya 8.168
  snana—bathed.    Madhya 16.106

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: snana

  ganga-snana—bathing in the Ganges    Adi 14.74, Adi 17.74, Madhya 1.231, Madhya 3.29, Madhya 3.208, Madhya 9.14, Madhya 18.214, Madhya 20.70
  snana kari—taking a bath    Madhya 4.23, Madhya 9.87, Madhya 9.219, Madhya 9.310, Madhya 14.70, Madhya 18.21
  snana kari—bathing    Madhya 9.180, Madhya 9.197, Madhya 9.234, Madhya 9.303
  ganga-snana—bath in the Ganges    Adi 13.100, Adi 14.49, Adi 14.62
  snana kari—after bathing    Madhya 9.80, Antya 14.79, Antya 19.102
  snana-yatra—the bathing ceremony of Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 1.121, Madhya 11.60, Madhya 11.62
  kare snana—takes a bath    Madhya 18.10, Antya 16.146
  samudra-snana—a bath in the sea    Madhya 1.62, Madhya 6.40
  snana kari—taking bath    Madhya 16.114-115, Madhya 17.193
  snana kari—after taking his bath    Antya 1.82, Antya 14.117
  avabhrtha-snana—by bathing after finishing the sacrifice    SB 9.16.23
  cira-ghate snana—bathing at Cira-ghata    Madhya 18.75
  dhanuh-tirthe snana—bathing at the holy place known as Dhanustirtha    Madhya 9.199
  ganga snana—bathing in the Ganges    Antya 6.126
  ganga-snana—a bath in the Ganges    Adi 17.54
  ganga-snana—taking bath in the Ganges    Adi 17.120
  ganga-snana paiye—we can take bath in the Ganges.    Madhya 18.150
  kaila snana—took a bath    Madhya 16.119
  kaila snana—took a bath.    Madhya 18.5
  kaila snana—performed bathing    Madhya 18.35
  kara sindhu-snana—bathe in the sea    Antya 6.208
  kare ganga-snana—was taking his bath in the Ganges    Madhya 17.83
  kari ganga-snana—having taken bath in the Ganges    Madhya 18.144
  karila snana—took a bath    Antya 11.71
  karana snana—bathes them    Antya 5.17
  kesi snana kari—after taking his bath at the place known as Kesi-tirtha    Madhya 18.83
  madhyahna-snana—afternoon bath    Madhya 17.82
  maha-snana—a vast bath with ghee and water    Madhya 4.61
  makara-snana kaila—bathed during the festival of Makara, or Magha-mela.    Madhya 18.222
  nadi snana—bathing in the river    Madhya 17.30
  nadi-snana—bathing in the river.    Madhya 20.21
  panca-nade snana kari—taking His bath in the Ganges, called the Panca-nada    Madhya 25.60
  prayaga-snana—bathing at Prayaga    Madhya 18.145
  pratah-snana—morning bath    Madhya 4.47
  pratah-snana—bathing early in the morning.    Madhya 13.4
  pratah-snana kaila—took His morning bath    Madhya 18.155
  samudra-snana—bathing in the sea    Madhya 11.183
  samudra-snana—bath in the sea    Antya 1.80
  samudra-snana kari—after bathing in the sea    Madhya 11.197
  sandhya snana kari—after taking an evening bath    Madhya 14.241
  sarva-tirthe snana—bathing in all the holy places of pilgrimage    Madhya 11.190
  snana bhojana kara—take your bath and take prasada    Antya 2.140
  snana bhojana karana—inducing to bathe and take prasada    Antya 2.141
  snana darsana kari—finishing his bathing and seeing of Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 15.295
  snana kaila—took a bath    Madhya 5.141
  snana kaila—took a bath    Madhya 18.71
  snana kara—take your bath    Madhya 15.288
  snana kari—taking his bath before entering the Deity room    Madhya 4.130
  snana kari—taking my bath    Madhya 15.293
  snana kari—taking his bath    Antya 12.123
  snana kariba—I shall bathe    Madhya 16.114-115
  snana karibare—for bathing    Madhya 12.151
  snana karila—took a bath    Antya 6.211
  snana kariya—taking a bath    Madhya 18.58
  snana karaila—bathed    Antya 11.64
  snana karana—bathing Him    Antya 15.93
  snana karana—causing to bathe    Antya 18.119
  snana-artham—for bathing    SB 5.17.9
  snana-bhiksa-adi—bathing and accepting food    Madhya 17.228-229
  snana-bhoga—bathing and offering food    Madhya 14.62
  snana-saucabhyam—by bathing (the body becomes purified) and by cleansing (unclean things become purified)    SB 10.5.4
  snana-dine—on the day of bathing    Adi 13.118
  snana-krt—one who takes a bath    Madhya 18.12
  snana-krtya—the daily duty of bathing    Madhya 8.55
  snana-krtya kaila—took His bath    Madhya 16.123
  snana-yatra—the bathing ceremony    Madhya 1.133
  snana-yatra-dine—on the day of the bathing ceremony of Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 11.61
  snana-adi karaya—he performs their bathing and so on    Antya 5.39
  snana-adi-tarpana—bathing and offering oblations, etc.    Madhya 8.15
  snana-adibhih—by bathing in and so on    SB 5.24.13
  tat-snana—by the bathing of them (the damsels of the heavenly planets)    SB 4.6.26
  veni-snana—bathing in the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna    Madhya 17.149