Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: smrtih

  smṛtiḥ—memory    Bg 10.34, Bg 18.73, SB 3.26.30, SB 3.31.15, SB 7.10.8
  smṛtiḥ—remembrance    Bg 15.15, SB 1.6.24, SB 2.1.6, SB 10.10.20-22
  smṛtīḥ—remembrance    SB 2.1.36
  smṛtiḥ—to find one's proper duty    SB 1.16.26-30
  smṛtiḥ—memory.    SB 3.31.23
  smṛtiḥ—remembrance of the activities of my previous life    SB 5.12.15
  smṛtiḥ—whose remembrance    SB 5.14.10
  smṛtiḥ—the remembrance    SB 5.19.22
  smṛtiḥ—the memory (of Nārada Muni’s instructions).    SB 7.7.16
  smṛtiḥ—constant remembrance    SB 7.9.50
  smṛtiḥ—smṛti-śāstras, which explain the Vedic literatures    Madhya 22.6
  aśruta-smṛtiḥ—without remembrance of spiritual existence    SB 4.28.59
  apagata-smṛtiḥ—having lost consciousness.    SB 10.3.53
  gata-smṛtiḥ—being forgetful    SB 5.5.7
  hari-smṛtiḥ—remembrance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.10.55
  indriya-smṛtiḥ—realization of the actions of the senses and memory    SB 8.11.48
  janma-smṛtiḥ—the remembrance of birth    SB 6.1.49
  labdha-smṛtiḥ—having gained his memory    SB 3.31.9
  labdha-smṛtiḥ—the lost consciousness is regained    SB 5.12.16
  naṣṭa-smṛtiḥ—bereft of all intelligence    SB 4.28.27
  naṣṭa-smṛtiḥ—having gotten rid of the memory of seeing the universal form within Kṛṣṇa’s mouth    SB 10.8.44
  veda-smṛtiḥ—Vedasmṛti    SB 5.19.17-18
  ātma-aiśvarya-smṛtiḥ—remembrance of the exalted transcendental position of Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 6.9.47

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