Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: smrti

  smrti—remembrance    Madhya 8.11, Madhya 12.61, Antya 1.182, Antya 14.77, Antya 17.49, Antya 17.56
  smrti—of memory    Bg 2.63
  smrti—and of remembrance    SB 6.4.26
  smrti—supplementary Vedic literature    Madhya 9.42
  smrti—the Puranas    Madhya 17.184

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: smrti

  krsna-smrti—remembrance of Lord Krsna    Adi 12.51, Madhya 17.218
  krsna-smrti—remembrance of Krsna    Madhya 12.60, Antya 8.9
  smrti haila—there was remembrance.    Madhya 12.165, Madhya 17.38
  bhakti-smrti-sastra—the reference books of devotional service    Madhya 23.104
  deha-smrti—bodily concept of life    Madhya 13.142
  pratah-smrti-krtya—morning duties and remembrance of the Supreme Lord    Madhya 24.331
  smrti haila—was remembered    Antya 10.67
  smrti-bhramsat—after bewilderment of memory    Bg 2.63
  smrti-dharma—regulative principles of the smrti-sastra.    Madhya 3.101
  smrti-ghnah—destroying the memory of    SB 3.15.36
  smrti-ksaye—by destruction of remembrance    SB 4.22.31
  smrti-mat janma—a birth enabling one to remember the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 5.19.28
  smrti-paracara—propagation of the directions of Vaisnava behavior.    Madhya 24.325
  vacana-smrti—remembering the words    Antya 17.54
  vaisnava-smrti karibare—to write a dictionary of Vaisnava activities.    Madhya 24.324
  atma-smrti—remembrance of oneís identity    SB 8.4.11-12
  atma-smrti nahi—there was no bodily consciousness    Antya 5.65