Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: smrtam

  smṛtam—is considered.    Bg 18.38, SB 6.18.33-34
  smṛtam—consider.    Bg 17.20
  smṛtam—is understood to be.    Bg 17.21
  smṛtam—remembrance    SB 3.5.43
  smṛtam—regulative principles.    SB 3.7.30
  smṛtam—calculated    SB 3.11.16
  smṛtam—it is so remembered    SB 7.11.18-20
  smṛtam—understood    SB 8.16.60
  smṛtam—is accepted (by such devotees).    SB 9.4.17
  smṛtam ca—and the scriptures    SB 7.11.7

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