Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: smitam

  smitam—smiling    Madhya 14.181

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: smitam

  sa-smitam—smilingly    SB 4.12.22, SB 4.27.27
  suci-smitam—smiling and brilliant    SB 10.2.20
  mugdha-smitam—with charming smiling    SB 6.14.58
  mrdu-smitam—soft smiling    Madhya 23.35
  narma-smitam—my jolliness and smile    SB 4.4.23
  rucira-smitam—seeing the child fully satisfied and smiling    SB 10.7.35-36
  sa-smitam iksati mukham—mother Yasoda was smiling and observing the smiling face of Krsna    SB 10.9.5