Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: smarana

  smaraṇa—remembrance.    Adi 9.3, Adi 12.51, Madhya 1.92, Madhya 1.118, Madhya 2.90, Madhya 5.44, Madhya 5.57, Antya 3.40, Antya 6.278
  smaraṇa—remembering    SB 1.8.35, SB 5.1.27, SB 5.9.3, Adi 1.20, Adi 11.29, Madhya 8.252, Madhya 22.121, Antya 16.102
  caraṇa-smaraṇa-prabhāve—by the power of remembering Your lotus feet    Antya 9.135
  śrī-viṣṇu smaraṇa—remembering Lord Viṣṇu    Madhya 6.57
  guṇera smaraṇa—remembrance of the transcendental qualities    Madhya 24.111
  ha-ila smaraṇa—He remembered.    Madhya 9.207
  karaha smaraṇa—you should remember    Antya 8.21
  karaye smaraṇa—remembers    Madhya 24.60
  kariba smaraṇa—I shall remember the lotus feet of the Lord.    Madhya 11.176
  karāya smaraṇa—was reminding    Antya 8.29
  līlā-ādi-smaraṇa—remembrance of the transcendental pastimes of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 24.116
  pradhāna smaraṇa—most important remembrance.    Madhya 8.252
  sabāra ha-ila smaraṇa—everyone could remember.    Antya 6.87
  sabāra ha-ila smaraṇa—everyone remembered.    Antya 11.57
  smaraṇa kahe—remembers    Antya 7.9
  smaraṇa karāiha—make to remember.    Antya 3.29
  smaraṇa-janita—by remembering    Antya 15.97
  smaraṇa-patha-gatam—entered the path of remembrance    Antya 3.60
  tumi karaha smaraṇa—please remember    Antya 19.7
  viṣṇu-smaraṇa—remembrance of Lord Viṣṇu    Madhya 4.121
  yamunā smaraṇa—remembrance of the River Yamunā    Madhya 8.11
  yat-smaraṇa-anubhāvataḥ—simply by meditating on whom    SB 8.21.2-3

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