Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sitala

  śītala—cool    Adi 4.247, Madhya 4.164, Madhya 12.106, Madhya 12.133, Madhya 14.97
  śītala—cold    Madhya 4.38, Madhya 15.220, Antya 14.100
  śītala—very cool    Madhya 1.159, Antya 4.123
  su-śītala—cool and pleasing    Madhya 2.34, Antya 15.76
  śītala samīra—very cool breeze    Madhya 18.77
  śītala-vāyu—cool breeze    Madhya 13.203
  su-śītala—very, very cool.    Adi 4.247
  su-śītala—very cool    Antya 15.21
  su-śītala karite—to make it very cool    Madhya 15.73

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