Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sisrksaya

  sisṛkṣayā—on the intention of creating.    SB 1.3.1
  sisṛkṣayā—desiring to create    SB 2.7.5
  sisṛkṣayā—for the matter of creating the universal affairs    SB 2.9.5
  sisṛkṣayā—for creating    SB 2.9.20
  sisṛkṣayā—generates the false ego.    SB 3.5.28
  sisṛkṣayā—for the sake of creation    SB 3.5.48
  sisṛkṣayā—with a desire to create    SB 3.21.19
  sisṛkṣayā—with the desire to create.    Adi 5.84
  sisṛkṣayā—with a desire for the creation.    Madhya 20.266

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing sisrksaya.