Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sirasa

  śirasā—with the head    Bg 11.14, SB 6.19.23, SB 7.13.15, SB 10.10.28
  śirasā—by the head    SB 1.17.29, SB 5.17.2, SB 6.2.42, SB 7.12.3, SB 8.4.3-4
  śirasā—on the head    SB 4.20.17, SB 4.24.19, SB 4.29.33
  śirasā—with his head    SB 4.6.40, SB 7.3.24
  śirasā—His head    SB 1.11.28
  śirasā—bowed his head to the ground    SB 1.19.11
  śirasā—with bowed head    SB 1.19.29
  śirasā—by his head    SB 5.10.15
  śirasā—by bowing his head    SB 6.2.22
  śirasā—with their heads    SB 7.2.13
  śirasā—by bowing the head    SB 7.10.32
  śirasā—with his head (bowed down)    SB 8.22.15
  śirasā—bowing my head    SB 9.4.9
  śirasā—(by bowing down) with his head    SB 9.8.29
  śirasā—on His head    SB 9.10.8
  haya-śīraṣā—with His horselike head    SB 2.7.11
  sva-śirasā—on their own heads    SB 3.16.20

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