Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sindhu

  sindhu—the ocean    SB 3.21.14, Adi 5.157, Madhya 19.137, Madhya 21.135
  sindhu—ocean    SB 4.9.14, Adi 7.85, Adi 7.97
  sindhu—to the ocean    Madhya 11.197
  amrtera sindhu—the ocean of nectar    Madhya 2.48, Antya 5.88, Antya 11.106
  krpa-sindhu—the ocean of mercy    Antya 2.143, Antya 5.3, Antya 12.2
  bhava-sindhu—the ocean of nescience    SB 1.6.34, SB 4.23.39
  krpa-sindhu—to the ocean of mercy    Madhya 1.6
  amrta-sindhu—of the ocean of nectar    Antya 15.14
  amrta-sindhu—the ocean of nectar    Antya 15.19
  amrtera sindhu—ocean of nectar    Madhya 18.228
  amrtera sindhu—an ocean of nectar    Madhya 21.98
  amrtera sindhu—an ocean of ambrosia    Madhya 21.137
  bhakti-siddhanta-sindhu—the ocean of the conclusions of devotional service    Antya 5.103
  bhava-sindhu—the ocean of material existence    Antya 11.107
  bhava-sindhu-kula—the far shore of the ocean of material existence.    Madhya 16.237
  bhagya-sindhu—the ocean of fortune    Antya 12.51
  bhava-sindhu—ocean of ecstasies    Madhya 2.82
  caitanya-lila-amrta-sindhu—the ocean of nectarean pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 20.88
  caitanya-vilasa-sindhu—of the ocean of the pastimes of Lord Caitanya    Madhya 2.95
  catuh-sindhu-jala—with the water of the four oceans    SB 9.10.48
  dugdha-sindhu—the ocean of milk    Adi 4.271-272
  dugdha-sindhu—like the ocean of milk    Antya 19.36
  gaura-lilamrta-sindhu—the ocean of the pastimes of Lord Caitanya    Adi 12.94
  kara sindhu-snana—bathe in the sea    Antya 6.208
  karuna-sindhu—ocean of mercy    Madhya 2.59
  karuna-sindhu—the ocean of mercy    Madhya 2.69
  karuna-sindhu-avatara—the incarnation of the ocean of mercy    Antya 8.2
  maha-amrtera sindhu—a great ocean of nectar    Antya 3.88
  maha-sindhu—the great ocean    Madhya 14.85
  prema-sindhu—in the ocean of love    Madhya 15.78
  prema-sindhu-magna rahe—remains merged in the ocean of love of Krsna    Antya 19.77
  rasa-sindhu-pare—the shore of the ocean of transcendental mellows.    Madhya 19.236
  rasamrta-sindhu—of the name Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu    Madhya 1.38
  rasamrta-sindhu—the book known as Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu    Antya 4.223
  rasamrta-sindhu—the ocean of transcendental mellow    Antya 5.63
  rasamrta-sindhu-granthera—of the book known as Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu    Madhya 19.133
  sampat-sindhu—ocean of opulence    Madhya 14.219
  siddhanta-amrta-sindhu—the ocean of the ambrosia of conclusive truth    Madhya 23.121
  sindhu-agni-vanendau—in 1537    Antya 20.157
  sindhu-jale—into the water of the sea    Antya 18.28
  sindhu-jalera—of the water of the ocean    Antya 18.20
  sindhu-mathyam—produced from the ocean of milk    SB 8.12.47
  sindhu-nire—in the water of the sea.    Madhya 2.8
  sindhu-pataye—unto the king of the province of Sindhu    SB 5.13.24
  sindhu-samudrayoh—of the River Sindhu and the sea    SB 6.5.3
  sindhu-sauvira-pateh—of the ruler of the states known as Sindhu and Sauvira    SB 5.10.1
  sindhu-sauvira-patih—the King of the states known as Sindhu and Sauvira    SB 5.10.15
  sindhu-tire—on the shore of the sea    Antya 14.90
  sindhu-tire—on the seashore    Antya 18.42
  sudha-sindhu—ocean of the nectar    Antya 1.179
  sukha-sindhu—an ocean of happiness    Madhya 2.49
  vaibhava-amrta-sindhu—ocean of the nectar of Your opulence    Madhya 21.26
  a-sindhu-nadi—to the border of the river Sindhu    Adi 10.87
  ananda-sindhu—ocean of transcendental bliss    Adi 6.44
  ananda-sindhu—the ocean of transcendental bliss    Madhya 13.170

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