Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: silah

  silah—good qualities    SB 3.15.25
  silah—and stones    SB 8.10.46
  silah—stones    SB 8.20.25-29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: silah

  anugrahaniya-silah—trained to get favors    SB 1.19.13
  bhagavat-karma-silah—being absorbed in activities to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.20.31
  dharma-silah—those who are on the progressive path of liberation    SB 1.17.41
  dharma-silah—good character and behavior    SB 6.5.2
  ksama-silah—forgiving    Madhya 23.73
  prema-silah—being affectionate    SB 6.19.17
  sama-silah—of the same categories    SB 1.2.27
  sprhaniya-silah—desirable qualities    SB 3.1.14
  sprhaniya-silah—decorated with desirable qualities    Madhya 24.88
  su-silah—very polite and well behaved    SB 7.12.6
  su-silah—well-behaved    SB 6.1.17
  upasama-silah—who was calm and peaceful in character    SB 5.10.14
  upasama-silah—self-controlled in nature    SB 6.9.35
  upasama-silah—in the renounced order of life    SB 5.1.27
  upasama-silah—even though completely in the renounced order of life    SB 5.8.10
  upasama-silah—who are now situated in a most peaceful existence    SB 5.14.39
  yajna-silah—expert in performing ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.4.13