Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sila

  sila—behavior    SB 2.7.46, SB 5.2.18, SB 9.10.6-7, SB 9.14.15-16
  sila—character    SB 5.1.24, Adi 3.87, Madhya 12.192
  sila—good behavior    SB 4.27.7, SB 9.9.29
  sila—with character    SB 3.21.27
  sila—noble character    SB 3.22.10
  sila—with godly qualities    SB 4.12.12
  sila—in character    SB 5.9.1-2
  sila—of good character    SB 6.1.56-57
  sila—well-behaved    SB 4.30.16
  sila—the collecting of grains left in the field    SB 6.7.36
  sila—picking up the grains left in the field by the proprietor    SB 7.11.16
  sila—stones    SB 2.6.5
  sila—stone    Antya 6.292
  sila—the stone from Govardhana Hill    Antya 6.298
  sila—like stone    Antya 16.52

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sila

  govardhana-sila—the stone from Govardhana Hill    Antya 6.291, Antya 6.301, Antya 20.113
  govardhanera sila—a stone from Govardhana Hill    Antya 6.287, Antya 13.67
  su-sila—well-behaved    Madhya 13.144, Madhya 21.121
  adharma-sila—who are irreligious    SB 9.5.6
  sila-audarya-gunaih—with the transcendental qualities of good character and magnanimity    SB 10.3.41
  sila-siksah—characteristics and education    Madhya 24.190
  sila-salinam—who were the best of well-behaved persons    SB 6.5.23
  sila-dhanam—one whose wealth is good behavior    SB-4.21.44
  sila-dharah—qualified    SB 3.14.49
  sila-mangalam—good behavior or auspiciousness    SB 8.8.22
  sila-nidheh—reservoir of good characteristics    SB 4.13.21
  sila-sampannah—possessing all good qualities    SB 7.4.31-32
  sila-sampannan—very well behaved    SB 4.24.26
  sila-svabhavatah—personal character    SB 3.7.29
  sila-sarah—qualitatively powerful    SB 1.19.19
  sila-adayah—high character, etc.    SB 4.12.47
  sila-adi-guna-sampannah—all blessed with good behavior and good characteristics    SB 8.8.28
  sila-unchah—picking up rejected grains    SB 3.12.42
  sila diya—by offering this stone    Antya 6.307
  sila-gunja-mala—stone and the garland of small conchshells    Antya 6.288
  sila-mala—the stone and the garland of conchshells    Antya 6.293
  sila-mala—the stone and the garland    Antya 6.293
  sila-prsthe—on the surface of a stone    SB 10.4.8
  sila-sange—along with the salagrama-sila    Adi 14.9
  daitya-danava-kula-tirthi-karana-sila-caritah—whose activities and character were so exalted that he delivered all the daityas (demons) born in his family    SB 5.18.7
  ei sila—this stone    Antya 6.294
  eka sila—one piece of stone    Madhya 18.16
  ganda-sila—large stone    SB 3.13.22
  govardhana-sila—the stone from Govardhana    Antya 6.289
  guna-sila—by elevated qualities and excellent behavior    SB 4.20.16
  lajja-sila—shy    Madhya 23.87-91
  manana-sila—who is thoughtful    Madhya 24.15
  payah-sila—with full milk bags    SB 9.4.33-35
  sei sila—that stone    Antya 6.306
  su-sila—good character    Adi 3.45
  upasama-sila—completely detached from all material attachments    SB 5.8.30
  vayah-sila-guna-adibhih—by age, character, good qualities, etc.    SB 3.22.9
  yavat sila-guna-abhidha-akrti-vayah—their exact character, habits, features, attributes and explicit bodily features    SB 10.13.19
  arya-laksana-sila-vrataya—who possesses all the good qualities of advanced personalities    SB 5.19.3