Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: siksa

  siksa—in struction    Adi 7.47, Adi 12.35, Adi 12.53, Madhya 6.112, Madhya 13.140, Madhya 19.135
  siksa—education    Adi 14.87, Adi 14.88
  siksa—instructive    SB 4.26.21
  siksa—lesson    Adi 17.183
  siksa—teaching.    Madhya 6.111
  siksa—enlightenment.    Madhya 7.130
  siksa—the instruction    Madhya 16.242

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: siksa

  siksa-artham—to teach them lessons    SB 7.4.45
  siksa deha—you are instructing    Antya 8.69
  siksa diye—I shall give some lessons    Antya 19.46
  siksa ha-ila—he has gotten a sufficient lesson    Antya 2.123
  siksa karaila—He instructed.    Antya 8.100
  siksa karana—teaches    Madhya 19.114
  siksa lagi—for instruction    Madhya 12.125
  siksa-astaka—of the eight instructions    Antya 20.65
  siksa-astaka—eight instructions    Antya 20.139
  siksa-artham—just to instruct    Madhya 6.254
  siksa-danda—a stick for My education    Madhya 7.25
  siksa-guru—instructing spiritual masters    Adi 1.37
  siksa-guru—the spiritual master who instructs    Adi 1.58
  siksa-guru-gana—all the instructing spiritual masters    Adi 1.35
  siksa-guruke—the spiritual master who instructs    Adi 1.47
  siksa-guruh—instructing spiritual master    Adi 1.57
  siksa-rupe—as an instruction    Madhya 16.236
  sri-rupe siksa karai—teaching Srila Rupa Gosvami    Madhya 1.243
  dharma-siksa—religious teaching    Adi 14.83
  loka-siksa lagi—for the enlightenment of people in general    Madhya 25.74
  loke siksa dila—gave instruction to the people in general    Antya 20.64
  mora siksa—My instruction.    Madhya 17.177
  prabhura siksa—instructions of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Madhya 25.218
  sat-dharma-siksa—instruction in the transcendental process of devotional service    Madhya 22.115