Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sikhi

  śikhi-māhitira—of Śikhi Māhiti    Adi 10.137, Antya 2.103
  śikhi māhāti—Śikhi Māhiti    Madhya 10.42
  śikhi-candraka-alaṅkṛtiḥ—Kṛṣṇa, whose head is decorated with a peacock feather    Antya 19.35
  śikhi-gaṇa—peacocks    Madhya 17.199
  śikhi-māhiti—of the name Śikhi Māhiti    Madhya 1.130
  śikhi-māhiti—Śikhi Māhiti    Antya 2.106
  śikhi-māhātira—of Śikhi Māhiti    Madhya 10.44
  śikhi-piccha—with a peacock feather on the head    Adi 17.279
  śikhi-piccha—some peacock feathers    Madhya 14.204
  śikhi-piccha—peacock feathers    Madhya 15.123
  śikhi-piñcha—with peacock feathers    Adi 1.57
  śikhi-piñchera uḍāna—upon which there is a peacock feather    Antya 19.39
  śikhi-pākhā—the plume of a peacock.    Adi 11.21
  śikhi-pākhā—the peacock feather    Antya 15.66
  śikhi-ādi—Śikhi Māhiti and others    Madhya 16.254
  śrī-śikhi māhiti—of the name Śrī Śikhi Māhiti    Adi 10.135-136

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