Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: siddhi

  siddhi—perfection    Bg 18.26, Adi 10.46, Madhya 12.181, Madhya 22.135
  siddhi—of liberation    SB 3.33.1
  siddhi—the perfection    Madhya 1.177
  siddhi—of perfection    Madhya 7.13
  siddhi—success    Madhya 16.65
  siddhi—of perfection in yogic performance    Madhya 19.149
  siddhi—of achieving mystic power    Madhya 22.35
  siddhi—mystic power    Madhya 23.24
  siddhi—the perfection of doing something    Madhya 24.27
  siddhi—the yogic perfections    Madhya 24.28
  siddhi—the perfection of mystic yoga    Madhya 24.39
  siddhi-prāpti—attainment of perfection    Madhya 4.196, Madhya 9.300
  anya-siddhi—perfection due to anything else    Madhya 21.117
  bhakti-siddhi—perfection in devotional service.    Madhya 24.196
  kārya-siddhi nahe—he does not become successful    Antya 6.224
  mahā-siddhi—and of great mystic perfections    SB 5.20.40
  mantra-siddhi-ādi—the perfection of the mantra and so on    Madhya 24.331
  mat-siddhi-kāmena—with a desire to achieve My association    SB 3.4.11
  prāpta-siddhi—persons who have achieved the success    Madhya 24.158
  saba siddhi haila—everything was perfectly executed.    Antya 7.171
  sarva siddhi haya—there is all perfection.    Antya 20.18
  sarva-siddhi—all success    Madhya 22.54
  sarva-siddhi-niṣevitaḥ—attended by all mystic perfections    Madhya 23.79-81
  siddhi-asiddhyoḥ—in success and failure    Bg 2.48
  siddhi-daḥ—bestowing perfection.    Madhya 22.50
  siddhi-dā—conferring perfection    SB 3.33.32
  siddhi-prāpti—passing away    Madhya 1.257
  siddhi-prāpti-kāle—at the time of his departure from this mortal world to achieve the highest perfection of life    Madhya 10.133
  siddhi-vraja—of the groups of material perfections of the yogīs (aṇimā, laghimā, prāpti and so on)    Madhya 19.165
  tāṅra siddhi-kāle—at the time of Īśvara Purī's passing away    Adi 10.139
  vāñchā-siddhi—perfection of desire    Antya 11.36

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