Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: siddhantera

  siddhāntera—of the conclusion    Adi 8.36, Adi 17.310
  siddhāntera—of conclusions    Madhya 25.249, Madhya 25.270
  siddhāntera—conclusive    Adi 12.17
  bhakti-siddhāntera—in understanding devotional service    Adi 8.37
  bhakti-siddhāntera—of the conclusions of devotional service    Madhya 1.43
  bhakti-siddhāntera anta—all the conclusions of devotional service.    Madhya 25.3
  bhāgavata-siddhāntera—of conclusive information about the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His service    Antya 4.229
  siddhāntera khani—a mine of conclusive statements.    Antya 1.123
  siddhāntera sāra—essences of ultimate realization.    Antya 1.193

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