Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: siddhanta

  siddhanta—conclusions    Adi 2.108, Adi 2.116, Adi 2.117, Adi 3.21, Adi 4.160, Adi 4.231, Adi 6.104, Adi 6.110, Madhya 6.106, Madhya 9.44 (and more...)
  siddhanta—of conclusions    Adi 2.1, Adi 3.1, Madhya 8.1
  siddhanta—conclusive statements    Madhya 23.115, Antya 1.116
  siddhanta—transcendental conclusions    Adi 4.234
  siddhanta—the ultimate conclusions    Madhya 19.116

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: siddhanta

  bhaktira siddhanta—the conclusions of devotional service    Adi 5.203, Madhya 24.353
  bhakti-siddhanta—conclusive statements about the science of devotional service    Madhya 10.113
  bhakti-siddhanta—conclusive decision in devotional service    Antya 4.97
  bhakti-siddhanta—conclusions of devotional service    Antya 7.54
  bhakti-siddhanta-sindhu—the ocean of the conclusions of devotional service    Antya 5.103
  bhakti-siddhanta-vilasa—spreading the essence of devotional life.    Antya 5.86
  bhagavata-siddhanta—the conclusions of Srimad-Bhagavatam.    Madhya 19.115
  bhagavata-siddhanta—the conclusive statements about devotional service mentioned in Srimad-Bhagavatam    Madhya 23.115
  sastra-siddhanta—the conclusion of the revealed scriptures    Madhya 9.152
  e-saba siddhanta—all these conclusive statements    Madhya 9.208
  karena siddhanta—gives the conclusion    Antya 5.64
  krsna-bhakti-siddhanta-gana—the conclusive understanding of devotional service to Krsna    Madhya 25.273
  siddhanta sikhaila—You have taught the topmost conclusions in detail    Madhya 23.120
  siddhanta phiraiya—turning the whole conversation.    Madhya 9.151
  siddhanta-amrta-sindhu—the ocean of the ambrosia of conclusive truth    Madhya 23.121
  siddhanta-sastra—conclusive scripture    Madhya 9.239-240
  siddhanta-sanga—acceptance of the conclusion    Madhya 12.194
  siddhanta-samudra-taranga—the waves of the ocean of devotional service.    Antya 5.132
  siddhanta-sara—mature understanding    Antya 4.220
  siddhanta-vicara—consideration of logical conclusions    Madhya 24.40
  siddhanta-virodha—against the principles of the bhakti cult    Antya 5.97
  siddhanta-viruddha—against the conclusive understanding    Antya 5.102
  su-siddhanta—proper conclusions    Madhya 23.117-118