Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: siddhanam

  siddhanam—of persons who have achieved perfection    Madhya 19.150, Madhya 25.83
  siddhanam—of those who have achieved perfection    Bg 7.3
  siddhanam—of all those who are perfected    Bg 10.26
  siddhanam—of all the residents of Siddhaloka    SB 4.10.14
  siddhanam—who are perfect (because they understand the insignificance of bodily comforts)    SB 6.14.5
  siddhanam—and the inhabitants of Siddhaloka, who are expert in yogic power    SB 6.17.26
  siddhanam—of the great mystics    SB 9.4.25

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing siddhanam.