Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: siddha

  siddha—by the residents of Siddhaloka    SB 5.1.8, SB 7.10.68, SB 8.20.19
  siddha—and the inhabitants of Siddhaloka    SB 6.3.27, SB 6.17.4-5, SB 8.2.5
  siddha—the inhabitants of Siddhaloka    SB 8.8.19, SB 8.18.9-10, Adi 13.106
  siddha—successful    Adi 8.84, Madhya 6.197, Antya 4.96
  siddha—by the Siddhas    SB 3.33.34, SB 8.9.4
  siddha—inhabitants of Siddhaloka    SB 4.20.35-36, SB 5.25.7
  siddha—the denizens of Siddhaloka    SB 4.24.12, SB 8.4.13
  siddha—the inhabitants of the Siddha planet    SB 2.10.37-40
  siddha—by persons desiring perfection    SB 3.33.32
  siddha—of Siddhaloka    SB 4.1.22
  siddha—completely perfect    SB 5.5.35
  siddha—and perfected human beings    SB 6.5.3
  siddha—the Siddhas    SB 7.4.5-7
  siddha—accepted    Adi 8.14
  siddha—mystic yogi    Adi 14.86
  siddha—mystic    Adi 14.88
  siddha—rejuvenated    Adi 17.161
  siddha—perfected    Madhya 12.185
  siddha—complete    Madhya 16.139
  siddha—perfect    Antya 8.66
  siddha—successful    SB 3.23.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: siddha

  asura-siddha—the demons and the perfected demigods    Bg 11.22
  bhoga siddha—the food has been prepared    Madhya 15.233
  kabhu siddha naya—I have not been successful.    Antya 6.129
  maha-siddha-jnane—calculation as the most perfect devotee.    Madhya 15.127
  nitya-siddha—eternally perfected    Madhya 6.12
  nitya-siddha—eternally proved    Madhya 22.107
  nitya-siddha—eternally liberated    Antya 5.49-50
  nitya-siddha parisada—eternally perfect associate    Madhya 24.289
  praya-siddha—transcendental    Antya 5.49-50
  purva-siddha—as it is already settled    Adi 15.29
  sei siddha haya—that is perfectly done.    Madhya 24.327
  siddha haya—has been prepared.    Madhya 15.232
  siddha-amrta-rasa-sprstah—the demons, thus being touched by the powerful mystic nectarean liquid    SB 7.10.60
  siddha-artham—a mustard seed    SB 5.17.21
  siddha-arthan—self-satisfied, without waiting for any worship    SB 9.4.31-32
  siddha-arthan—all the objects of perfection    Antya 1.139
  siddha-ausadhinam—which is like perfect herbs that can control snakes    Madhya 19.165
  siddha-carana—of the planets known as Siddhaloka and Caranaloka    SB 5.24.4
  siddha-carana-gandharvaih—by the Siddhas, Caranas and Gandharvas    SB 10.4.10-11
  siddha-caranaih—by the Siddhas and Caranas    SB 6.17.2-3
  siddha-caranah—the Siddhas and Caranas, other inhabitants of the heavenly planets    SB 10.3.6
  siddha-deha—eternal body or self-realized position    Madhya 22.156-157
  siddha-deha—spiritual body    Antya 5.51
  siddha-deha pana—obtaining a spiritual body    Antya 1.32
  siddha-deha tumi—you are already liberated    Antya 11.24
  siddha-dehe—in the perfected stage    Madhya 8.229
  siddha-isvara—leaders of the Siddhaloka planets (spacemen)    SB 2.6.43-45
  siddha-isvara—by liberated souls    SB 3.21.34
  siddha-isvara-mandalaih—by the most perfect devotees    SB 6.16.30
  siddha-isvaran—masters of all mystic power    SB 4.22.2
  siddha-isah—the masters of mystic power    SB 6.15.12-15
  siddha-isah—all of them perfect in their knowledge    SB 9.4.57-59
  siddha-gana—of the perfected sages    SB 3.24.19
  siddha-ganah—the Siddhas    SB 4.6.41
  siddha-gandharva-caranaih—by the Siddhas, Gandharvas and Caranas.    SB 6.4.35-39
  siddha-gandharva-caranaih—by such celestial persons as the inhabitants of Gandharvaloka, Siddhaloka and Caranaloka.    SB 9.16.26
  siddha-loka—the region of the Siddhas    Adi 5.33
  siddha-lokam—to Siddhaloka    SB 4.29.80
  siddha-lokah—Siddhaloka, or impersonal Brahman    Adi 5.39
  siddha-mantra-japa—chanting of a perfect mantra    Antya 16.143
  siddha-mantra—perfected in chanting mantras    Antya 17.35
  siddha-mukhyah—the chief leaders of Siddhaloka    SB 6.3.19
  siddha-margah—the way to the spiritual world    SB 3.21.34
  siddha-padam—Siddhapada    SB 3.33.31
  siddha-pathe—in the sky    SB 6.10.25
  siddha-purusa—liberated persons    Madhya 16.162-163
  siddha-rupi—perfectly self-realized    SB 4.22.16
  siddha-rupena—with a body suitable for eternal, self-realized service    Madhya 22.158
  siddha-sanghah—perfect sages    Bg 11.21
  siddha-sanghah—the perfect human beings.    Bg 11.36
  siddha-sanghah—and the society of Siddhas    SB 6.12.5
  siddha-sat-tamah—the best of the perfect beings, the pure devotees.    SB 6.1.33
  siddha-svarupa-dhrk—assuming the form of liberated persons like Sanaka and Sanatana    SB 8.14.8
  siddha-vata—to the place known as Siddhavata    Madhya 9.22
  siddha-vinirmite—which is especially meant for all kinds of perfection.    SB 9.3.13
  siddha-yositam—of the damsels of the mystics.    SB 4.6.11
  sva-siddha—by self-accomplished    SB 5.9.9-10
  svatah-siddha-jnana—self-illuminated perfect knowledge    Adi 14.88
  sadhana-siddha—liberated to the position of associates by perfection in devotional service    Madhya 24.287
  sadhana-siddha—those who have perfected themselves by devotional service    Madhya 24.290