Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sevanam

  sevanam—devotional service    SB 3.29.13, Madhya 9.268
  sevanam—dwelling.    SB 3.28.3
  sevanam—service    Madhya 6.270
  sevanam—the service to satisfy the senses    Madhya 19.170

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sevanam

  mat-sevanam—My service    Adi 4.207, Madhya 19.173, Antya 3.189
  nica-sevanam—the service of low persons (the vaisyas and sudras)    SB 7.11.18-20
  pada-sevanam—worshiping the lotus feet.    SB 4.8.41
  pada-sevanam—serving the feet    SB 7.5.23-24
  pada-sevanam—executing devotional service according to time, circumstances and situation, only in relationship with Visnu    Madhya 9.259-260