Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sese

  śeṣe—at the end    SB 7.14.14, Adi 3.10, Madhya 1.16, Madhya 4.189, Madhya 7.5, Madhya 18.189, Madhya 18.190, Madhya 18.198, Madhya 22.59, Madhya 24.296 (and more...)
  śeṣe—at last    Adi 13.62, Madhya 5.12, Antya 7.153-154
  śeṣe—taking rest    SB 4.7.42
  śeṣe—You act as if sleeping    SB 7.9.32
  śeṣe—you lie down    SB 7.13.19
  śeṣe—at the end of    Adi 13.11
  śeṣe—any balance.    Madhya 15.94
  śeṣe—in Lord Śeṣa    Madhya 20.372
  śeṣe—rest    Madhya 23.65
  śeṣe—the end.    Antya 3.124
  rātri-śeṣe—at the end of the night    Madhya 4.142, Madhya 8.260
  śloka-śeṣe—at the end of the verse    Madhya 6.260
  dina-śeṣe—at the end of the day    Madhya 4.88
  dina-śeṣe—the end of day.    Antya 5.65
  grāsa-śeṣe—remnants of food    Antya 14.49
  rātri-śeṣe—at the end of night    Madhya 5.128
  tāra śeṣe—after their eating    Madhya 25.276

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