Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sesam

  sesam—the remnant    SB 6.19.24, SB 8.16.44-45, SB 9.6.8
  sesam—the balance    SB 6.16.3, SB 7.5.37
  sesam—that which was taken from    SB 3.3.6
  sesam—the remaining years of life    SB 7.6.8
  sesam—the remaining (namely skin, bones and the other hard things in the body)    SB 7.12.25
  sesam—the balance    SB 9.11.3

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sesam

  havih-sesam—remnants of the offering    SB 6.19.8
  tat-sesam—all the remnants (the water and flowers offered to the Deity)    SB 8.16.43
  yajna-sesam—the last ritualistic ceremony of the sacrifice    SB 9.8.29