Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sayana

  śayana—lying down    SB 1.11.16-17, SB 5.8.11, SB 7.5.38, Adi 14.6, Madhya 3.102, Madhya 3.135, Madhya 4.125, Madhya 4.205, Madhya 7.23, Madhya 8.299 (and more...)
  śayana—sleeping    SB 1.10.11-12, Madhya 4.157, Antya 8.42
  śayana—lying down to rest    Madhya 3.59, Madhya 4.91
  śayana—on the bed    Adi 5.99
  śayana—rest    Madhya 4.126
  śayana—lie down to rest    Madhya 9.353
  śayana—resting    Madhya 19.90
  śayana—lying down to sleep.    Madhya 19.127
  śayāna—lying down    Madhya 14.7
  karena śayana—lies down.    Adi 5.55, Madhya 20.268, Antya 10.83-84, Antya 19.68
  karila śayana—lay down    Adi 5.100-101, Madhya 14.89
  karilā śayana—took rest    Adi 14.76, Madhya 17.90
  karite śayana—to take rest    Madhya 11.240, Antya 10.81
  kariyāche śayana—was lying down    Madhya 17.28, Antya 11.17
  bhūmite śayana—lying on the floor    Antya 13.15
  śava-śayana—dead bodies    SB 4.7.33
  śayana kailā—lay down    Antya 18.108
  śayana karena—lies down    Antya 13.20
  śayana karila—lay down.    Madhya 20.286
  śayana karilā—He lay down.    Antya 13.12
  śayana karāi—making Him lie down    Antya 17.8
  karena śayana—he sleeps.    Antya 6.155
  karena śayana—he lies down.    Antya 19.71
  karila śayana—went to sleep.    Antya 12.151
  karilā śayana—took rest.    Madhya 14.94
  karilā śayana—lay down    Antya 17.9
  kariyāchena śayana—was lying down    Antya 10.85
  kariyāchena śayana—was taking rest    Antya 14.17
  karāiha śayana—cause to lie down.    Antya 13.9
  karāilā śayana—they made to lie down.    Antya 14.57
  karāilā śayana—made to lie down    Antya 15.94
  kṛṣṇera bhojana-śayana—in this way offering eatables to Kṛṣṇa and laying Him down to rest.    Madhya 24.334

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