Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: saucam

  śaucam—cleanliness    Bg 13.8-12, Bg 16.1-3, Bg 16.7, Bg 17.14, SB 1.16.26-30, SB 1.17.24, SB 1.17.42, SB 3.28.4, SB 3.31.33, SB 7.7.51-52 (and more...)
  śaucam—purity    Bg 18.42, SB 1.10.30
  śaucam—cleanliness (bathing regularly at least twice a day, morning and evening, and remembering to chant the holy name of God)    SB 7.11.8-12
  tat-pāda-śaucam—the water that washed the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 8.18.28
  urukrama-pāda-śaucam—the water washed from the feet of the Personality of Godhead    SB 2.7.18
  ātma-śaucam—purifying the heart    SB 4.29.84

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