Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sauca

  sauca—washing    SB 1.19.33, SB 3.28.22
  sauca—cleanliness    SB 5.9.6, Madhya 24.331
  sauca—washed    SB 4.22.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sauca

  sauca-acamana-adin—practice of cleanliness, washing of the mouth, legs and hands, etc.    SB 5.9.4
  sauca-acara-niyamah—whose cleanliness, good behavior and regulated life    SB 5.26.23
  kunjara-sauca-vat—like the bath of an elephant in a lake.    SB 7.15.26
  pada-sauca—washing the feet    Antya 7.10
  sva-vidhi-niyoga-sauca-caritra-vihinah—without character, cleanliness, and the rules and regulations given according to oneís own duty in life    SB 5.6.10