Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: satya

  satya—true    SB 4.19.41, SB 5.15.10, SB 7.1.11, Adi 2.114, Adi 4.6, Adi 5.130, Madhya 5.36, Madhya 5.76, Madhya 10.7, Madhya 10.172 (and more...)
  satya—truth    Adi 7.100, Adi 17.169, Madhya 2.23, Madhya 6.137, Madhya 7.110, Madhya 9.274, Madhya 24.75, Antya 16.28
  satya—truthful    SB 7.11.28, Adi 2.48, Madhya 1.201, Madhya 5.85, Madhya 5.92
  satya—the truth    Adi 3.71, Adi 6.58-59, Madhya 25.44, Antya 5.128, Antya 20.87
  satya—real    SB 4.9.17, Antya 11.26
  satya—truly    Madhya 2.75, Madhya 18.98
  satya—the Satyaloka planet    SB 3.13.25
  satya—fire without sacrifice    SB 3.13.37
  satya—the Satyaloka planetary system    SB 3.13.44
  satya—spoken in scripture    SB 3.24.35
  satya—by truthfulness    SB 6.1.13-14
  satya—Satyeyu    SB 9.20.4-5
  satya—eternal    SB 10.13.54
  satya—Satya    Adi 3.7
  satya—in Satya-yuga    Adi 3.37
  satya—as truth    Madhya 6.264-265
  satya—certainly    Madhya 10.173

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: satya

  satya haya—is true    Madhya 18.107, Madhya 18.199
  satya kahi—I speak the truth    Madhya 10.165, Madhya 15.22
  e satya pramana—this is factual evidence    Madhya 13.152
  e-satya vacana—this truthful statement.    Madhya 5.72
  e-satya-vacana—this true statement    Madhya 13.149
  ei satya katha—this is true    Madhya 5.77-78
  kahi satya-vani—I am speaking the truth    Madhya 20.87
  saba satya haya—all that you have said is correct.    Madhya 18.95
  satya chadi—giving up the real truth    Madhya 18.98
  satya haya—it was a fact.    Antya 2.72
  satya kahe—Ramacandra Khan says rightly    Antya 3.155
  satya kare—fulfills as true    Madhya 15.166
  satya kari—as truth    Adi 5.127
  satya kari mana—accepting it as true and correct.    Madhya 18.226
  satya kari mane—took as truth.    Madhya 24.7
  satya mani—I accept as true.    Madhya 10.17
  satya mani—I admit as truth    Madhya 25.28
  satya mani—we can accept as truth.    Madhya 25.56
  satya mani—taking as a fact    Antya 17.33
  satya nahi mane—does not accept as true.    Madhya 15.53
  satya-avalambasya—one who embraced truth as shelter    SB 3.1.8
  satya-bhrama—mistaking for the truth.    Madhya 18.98
  satya-bhamara ajna—the order of Srimati Satyabhama    Antya 1.43
  satya-silanam—who are endowed with perfect brahminical qualifications (satya, sama, dama, etc.)    SB 10.7.13-15
  satya-dharma—the religious principles of perfection (satya, sama, titiksa and so on)    Madhya 19.165
  satya-drk—the self-realized soul.    SB 3.27.13
  satya-drk—one who has actually realized the ultimate truth    SB 7.13.44
  satya-girah—that they have spoken the truth    SB 10.8.35
  satya-kamah—the Absolute Truth    Madhya 14.158
  satya-manena—true understanding    SB 6.8.32-33
  satya-pasa-parivita-pituh—of His father, who was bound by the promise to his wife    SB 9.10.8
  satya-ratah—having taken the vow of truthfulness    SB 1.5.13
  satya-sankalpah—desire may actually be fulfilled    SB 8.16.22
  satya-sandham—one who was fixed in his truthfulness    SB 8.20.14
  satya-sandhah—truthful by promise    SB 1.12.19
  satya-sandhah—always situated in truth    SB 4.16.16
  satya-sandhah—determined to understand the Absolute Truth    SB 7.4.31-32
  satya-sita—real Sita    Madhya 9.206
  satya-sara—thoroughly true    Madhya 22.78-80
  satya-treta-dvapara-kali-yugera—of the Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, Dvapara-yuga and Kali-yuga    Madhya 20.329
  satya-vacana—words in truth.    Madhya 5.31
  satya-vati—becomes true    SB 4.21.46
  satya-vigraha—the form of the Lord as truth    Madhya 9.277
  satya-vikramah—very pious and chivalrous.    SB 9.24.36
  satya-vrata—Satyavrata    SB 5.20.27
  satya-vratam—the Personality of Godhead, who never deviates from His vowThe Lord vows:    SB 10.2.26
  satya-vratasya—of Maharaja Bali, who is fixed in truthfulness    SB 8.21.12
  satya-vak—always truthful    SB 6.1.56-57
  satya-vak—being true to his word.    SB 8.22.29-30
  satya-vakya—always truthful    Madhya 5.83
  satya-vakyah—whose words are truthful    Madhya 23.71
  satya-yuge—in the millennium of Satya-yuga    Madhya 20.334
  satya-adayah—queens headed by Satyabhama    SB 1.14.37
  satya-anande—real pleasure    Madhya 9.29
  satya-atmaja—the son of Satyabhama    SB 3.1.35
  sei satya—that is right    Madhya 9.158
  su-satya—correct    Madhya 10.180
  tai satya mani—I accept that as truth.    Madhya 20.100