Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: satvatam

  satvatam—of the devotees    SB 1.2.14, SB 1.14.28-29, SB 3.1.34, SB 7.15.77
  satvatam—of the pure devotees    SB 1.1.12, SB 9.5.15
  satvatam—of the great devotees    SB 2.9.15, SB 7.10.50
  satvatam—which is especially meant for devotional service    SB 1.3.8
  satvatam—of the members of the Yadu dynasty    SB 2.4.14
  satvatam—the Yadus    SB 2.4.20
  satvatam—on the head of the devotees    SB 5.18.23

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: satvatam

  sarva-satvatam—of all kinds of devotees.    SB 4.30.24
  satvatam bhartuh—of the protector of the devotees    SB 10.6.3
  satvatam pateh—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of the devotees    SB 8.5.13
  satvatam patih—the master of all Vaisnava devotees.    SB 10.1.9
  satvatam rsabham—head of the family    SB 3.2.9