Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sattvena

  sattvena—in the mode of goodness    SB 1.2.34, SB 3.6.28, SB 3.9.22, SB 3.29.16, SB 4.1.57, SB 5.11.4, SB 8.5.31
  sattvena—by Your form of pure goodness    SB 3.15.47
  sattvena—of pure goodness    SB 3.16.22
  sattvena—having an uncontaminated existence    SB 3.24.10
  sattvena—by goodness    SB 3.32.6
  sattvena—by existential position    SB 4.22.58
  sattvena—along with the existential conception    SB 7.12.29-30
  sattvena—by developing the mode of goodness    SB 7.15.25
  sattvena—by pure devotional service    SB 8.3.11
  sattvena—by uncommon power    Adi 3.87

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