Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sattva

  sattva—goodness    Bg 18.10, SB 1.2.23, SB 1.13.54, SB 2.4.13, SB 3.19.30, SB 4.24.63, SB 8.5.22, SB 8.7.30
  sattva—existence    Bg 17.8-10, SB 3.5.8, SB 4.8.81, SB 4.23.11, SB 4.24.39
  sattva—the mode of goodness    SB 2.5.23, SB 7.3.26-27
  sattva—transcendental    SB 3.1.34
  sattva—power    SB 3.12.15
  sattva—of goodness    SB 3.21.13
  sattva—of existence    SB 3.26.46
  sattva—discretion    SB 5.5.10-13
  sattva—steadiness    SB 7.8.8
  sattva—to spiritual existence    SB 7.9.8
  sattva—because of the conception of goodness    SB 7.15.43-44

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sattva

  akhila-sattva-dhamni—who are the original cause of all existence, from whom everything emanates and in whom all potencies reside    SB 10.2.30
  suddha-sattva—suddha-sattva (pure existence)    Adi 4.64
  suddha-sattva—by unadultered goodness    Madhya 23.5
  suddha-sattva nama—named suddha-sattva, pure existence, free from material contamination    Adi 5.43
  suddha-sattva-maya—of purely spiritual existence    Adi 5.43
  nitya-sattva-sthah—ever remaining in sattva (goodness)    Bg 2.45
  rajah-sattva-tamah-mayi—consisting of three modes of nature (passion, goodness and ignorance)    SB 10.10.30-31
  rajah-sattva-tamah-mayah—created by the three modes of material nature (passion, goodness and ignorance)    SB 6.1.41
  rajah-tamah-sattva-vibhakta-karma-drk—a conditioned soul who sees only immediately beneficial fruitive activities and their results, which are divided into three groups by the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance    SB 5.13.1
  sarva-sattva—all living entities lying with Him    SB 3.6.6
  sarva-sattva—by all living entities    SB 5.20.35
  sarva-sattva—all kinds of living entities    SB 8.24.34-35
  sarva-sattva-guna-visesanaya—whose form consists of suddha-sattva, transcendental goodness    SB 5.18.30
  sarva-sattva-patin—the masters of all the different planets    SB 7.4.5-7
  sarva-sattva-suhrt-atmanam—of persons who in their hearts always wish well to all living entities    SB 5.9.20
  sattva-anurupa—according to the existence    Bg 17.3
  sattva-bhavanah—actually purifying oneís existence.    SB 6.2.12
  sattva-dhamani—in the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in pure goodness    SB 7.8.24
  sattva-dhamani—in Kapila Muni, in whom the mode of goodness was predominant    SB 9.8.12
  sattva-dhamnah—being always situated in the transcendental world    SB 7.9.13
  sattva-eka-nisthe—in full Krsna consciousness    SB 4.29.69
  sattva-guna—of the mode of goodness    Madhya 20.314
  sattva-gunam—the mode of goodness    SB 3.26.21
  sattva-gunera—of the quality of material goodness    Madhya 6.166
  sattva-haram—that which deteriorates the good qualities    SB 1.1.22
  sattva-kadambesu—among the living entities    SB 6.16.43
  sattva-kutam—dead python    SB 10.12.19
  sattva-murte—in this transcendental form of pure goodness    SB 7.8.49
  sattva-nidheh—of the ocean of goodness    SB 1.3.26
  sattva-nidheh—the reservoir of all goodness    SB 3.16.24
  sattva-nidheh—who is the reservoir of spiritual energy    Madhya 20.249
  sattva-nisevaya—by developing brahminical qualifications or the mode of goodness.    SB 7.15.24
  sattva-pradhanah—chiefly in the mode of goodness    SB 6.3.14-15
  sattva-rajah-tamah-jusah—infected with sattva-guna, rajo-guna or tamo-guna    SB 8.16.14
  sattva-rajah-tamah-mayam—made of the three modes of material nature    SB 5.25.8
  sattva-samsuddhih—purification of one's existence    Bg 16.1-3
  sattva-sargah—although born in the mode of material goodness    SB 8.12.10
  sattva-sthah—one who is situated in the mode of goodness    Bg 14.18
  sattva-sthaya—who are in favor of the material quality of goodness    SB 8.5.50
  sattva-upapannani—all such incarnations are transcendental (suddha-sattva)    SB 10.2.29
  sattva-viryah—powerful existence    SB 1.15.9
  sattva-van—enduring.    SB 7.13.37
  sattva-adi—of sattva, rajah and tamah    SB 5.14.1
  sattva-adyah—headed by the sattva-guna    SB 5.25.9
  sattva-atmani—who is situated in pure goodness    SB 6.12.21
  su-sattva—completely in goodness    SB 4.24.58
  tat-dagdha-sattva—of burning corpses    SB 10.12.23
  visuddha-sattva—pure existence    Adi 5.48
  visuddha-sattva—of transcendental pure goodness    Madhya 21.103
  visuddha-sattva-dhisnyaya—who is always situated in the transcendental abode    SB 6.5.27-28