Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sattama

  sattama—O most pious one.    SB 2.6.25, SB 3.13.3
  sattama—situated in the quality of goodness    SB 1.9.5
  sattama—O purest.    SB 3.10.22
  sattama—O good Vidura    SB 3.10.27
  sattama—O best    SB 3.11.3
  sattama—O best of all.    SB 3.12.56
  sattama—O Vidura    SB 4.18.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sattama

  asura-sattama—O best of the asuras    SB 8.19.38
  bharata-sattama—O best of the Bharatas    Bg 18.4
  dvija-sattama—O purest of all brahmanas.    SB 2.8.13
  kuru-sattama—O best amongst the Kurus.    Bg 4.31
  muni-sattama—O great sage    SB 1.6.4
  muni-sattama—O best of all munis, king of the munis (Sukadeva Gosvami)    SB 10.1.2
  nrpa-sattama—O best of kings.    SB 4.31.26
  raja-rsi-sattama—O best of rajarsis, saintly kings    SB 10.1.15
  sattama-tam—the position of a great devotee    SB 4.23.32
  sura-sattama—O best of the demigods    SB 8.12.16