Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: satra

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: satra

  maha-satra—great sacrifice    SB 4.21.13
  mat-satra-parisesitam—the remnants of the sacrifice executed on my behalf    SB 9.4.11
  samapte satra-yage—at the end of the sacrifice known by the name Satra    SB 9.13.7
  satra-parisesanam—remnants of yajna.    SB 9.4.4-5
  satra-parisesitam—which remains after the end of the yajna    SB 9.4.4-5
  satra-vardhanah—that which enlivens activities.    SB 1.7.2
  satra-yage—in the performance of sacrifices    SB 8.8.39-40