Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: satim

  satīm—chaste    SB 2.4.1, SB 4.28.61, SB 6.2.27, SB 7.7.8
  satīm—Satī    SB 4.4.4, SB 4.5.9
  satīm—excellent    SB 3.16.14
  satīm—virtuous    SB 3.24.22-23
  satīm—venerable    SB 3.33.12
  satīm—Satī.    SB 4.2.1
  satīm—pure and simple    SB 5.12.13
  satīm—Pārvatī    SB 6.17.16
  satīm—unto Satīdevī    SB 8.7.36
  satīm—she who is most chaste, not knowing anyone but the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.8.14
  satīm—most exalted    SB 8.22.23
  satīm—Devayānī    SB 9.18.17
  satīm—very chaste girl.    SB 9.23.38
  satīm smṛtim—potent memory    SB 2.4.22
  umām satīm—the chaste wife of Lord Śiva, known as Umā.    SB 2.3.2-7

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