Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sathe

  sathe—with.    Adi 10.92
  sathe—along with    Madhya 14.130

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sathe

  bhakta-gana-sathe—with other devotees.    Antya 11.63
  cari-jana-sathe—with the other four persons    Madhya 3.216
  ksatriya-adi-sathe—with the ksatriyas.    Antya 13.34
  mora sathe—along with me.    Madhya 19.28
  mora sathe—with me.    Antya 13.96
  sabara sathe—with all of them.    Madhya 6.33
  tanra sathe—with Him    Adi 11.14-15
  tanra sathe—with him.    Antya 1.51