Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sastre

  sastre—in the revealed scriptures    Adi 5.154, Madhya 20.144, Madhya 21.42, Madhya 22.66, Antya 8.77
  sastre—the scriptures    Adi 6.97, Madhya 6.87
  sastre—in scripture    Adi 12.16, Antya 14.81
  sastre—in the scriptures    Adi 16.64, Madhya 20.5
  sastre—revealed scriptures    Adi 7.86
  sastre—in revealed scriptures    Madhya 9.31
  sastre—in discussions of the revealed scriptures    Madhya 10.116
  sastre—in the Koran    Madhya 18.199

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sastre

  sarva-sastre—in all revealed scriptures    Adi 13.65, Madhya 9.274, Antya 7.18, Antya 13.92
  sarva-sastre—in all scriptures    Adi 16.6, Adi 16.34
  sarva-sastre—all Vedic literatures    Madhya 20.130, Madhya 22.5
  sarva-sastre—all the revealed scriptures    Madhya 22.54, Antya 16.61
  sarva-sastre—all revealed scriptures    Madhya 22.109, Madhya 23.17
  bahu-sastre—by many books or scriptures    Adi 16.11
  balya-sastre—in grammar, which is considered a study for boys    Adi 16.31
  sastre iha suni—we get this information from revealed scriptures.    Madhya 9.120
  sastre kahe—in the sastra it is said    Madhya 9.258
  sastre kahe—it is stated in the revealed scriptures    Antya 3.195
  sastre kaya—are mentioned in the sastras.    Antya 11.14
  sastre pravina—experienced in the learning of the sastras    Antya 4.167
  gita-sastre—in the Bhagavad-gita    Madhya 6.163
  hindu-sastre—in the scriptures of the Hindus    Adi 17.212
  nana sastre pandita—scholars learned in various scriptures    Madhya 25.19
  sarva-sastre—all scriptures    Adi 2.106
  sarva-sastre—in all the revealed scriptures    Antya 3.65
  sarva-sastre kahe—is announced in every revealed scripture    Madhya 9.263
  sarva-sastre kaya—described in every sastra    Madhya 20.385
  sei sastre—in the scripture (the Koran)    Adi 17.156
  tarka-sastre—in the logic    Adi 8.14
  tarka-sastre—due to logical scriptures    Madhya 6.214
  tomara sastre—in your scripture    Madhya 18.190
  veda-sastre—in Vedic literature    Madhya 20.143
  veda-sastre—all Vedic literature    Madhya 22.3
  yavana-sastre—in the scriptures of the meat-eaters    Adi 17.171
  yoga-sastre—in the scriptures of yoga    Adi 2.18