Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sastra

  śāstra—scriptures    SB 8.7.30, Adi 17.155, Adi 17.169, Adi 17.170, Madhya 6.180
  śāstra—revealed scriptures    Adi 7.74, Madhya 25.48, Antya 16.28
  śastra—and weapons    SB 6.10.26, Adi 3.65
  śāstra—of scripture    Bg 16.24, Madhya 20.120
  śāstra—of the scriptures    Adi 3.68, Madhya 9.43
  śastra—weapons    Bg 1.9
  śāstra—by scriptures    SB 4.27.25
  śāstra—by unauthorized scriptures    SB 6.9.36
  śāstra—of the holy scriptures    SB 6.16.33
  śāstra—scriptural reference    Adi 1.31
  śāstra—the revealed scriptures    Madhya 9.28
  śāstra—of revealed scriptures    Madhya 10.119
  śāstra—scriptural    Madhya 10.144
  śāstra—the authoritative scriptures    Madhya 25.42
  śāstra—books    Madhya 25.215
  śāstra—of the revealed scriptures    Antya 1.101
  śāstra—according to the scriptural injunctions    Antya 4.97
  śāstra-nirūpaṇa—the verdict of all revealed scriptures.    Madhya 9.257, Madhya 20.60
  sarva-śāstra—of all revealed scriptures    Madhya 25.270, Antya 7.86
  veda-śāstra—the Vedic literature    Madhya 24.16, Madhya 25.150
  ajita-śastra-vahninā—by the blazing fire of the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s weapon    SB 9.4.61
  anya-śāstra—other scriptures    Madhya 22.119
  bauddha-śāstra—scriptures of the Buddhist cult    Madhya 9.49
  bhakti-śāstra—of the science of devotional service    Madhya 20.1
  bhakti-śāstra—transcendental literature regarding devotional service    Antya 1.202
  bhakti-śāstra—books on devotional service    Antya 4.228
  bhakti-śāstra—of the system of devotional service    Antya 10.100
  bhakti-rasa-śāstra—transcendental literature about the mellows of devotional service    Madhya 19.131
  bhakti-smṛti-śāstra—the reference books of devotional service    Madhya 23.104
  bhāgavata-śāstra—Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam    Adi 1.99
  śastra-astra-pūgaiḥ—by the bunches of weapons and mantras    SB 6.10.27
  śastra-astra-varṣa-oghāḥ—showers of arrows and other weapons    SB 6.10.25
  śastra-bhṛtaḥ—equipped with all weapons    SB 3.3.4
  śastra-bhṛtām—of the carriers of weapons    Bg 10.31
  śastra-oghaiḥ—different weapons    SB 6.9.19
  śastra-pāṇayaḥ—those with weapons in hand    Bg 1.45
  śastra-sampāte—the arrows released    Bg 1.20
  śastra-varṣeṇa—by a shower of weapons    SB 4.10.13
  śrī-bhāgavata-śāstra—the revealed scripture Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam    Madhya 13.67
  śrī-bhāgavata-śāstra—Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, the Vedic scripture    Antya 5.44
  śāstra kahe—Vedic literatures confirm    Madhya 20.136
  śāstra kari—compiling various scriptures    Antya 4.235
  śāstra vicārite—to talk on various scriptures.    Madhya 25.19
  śāstra-abhyāsa—long practice in the discussion of the śāstras    Adi 16.92
  śāstra-cakṣuḥ—expert in the authoritative scriptures    Madhya 23.72
  śāstra-dvāre jāni—one has to accept by reference to the śāstras    Madhya 20.352
  śāstra-dvārā—through the medium of revealed scriptures    Madhya 20.353
  śāstra-dṛṣṭena—enjoined in the scripture    SB 8.16.50
  śāstra-dṛṣṭye—according to the directions of revealed scriptures    Adi 10.90
  śāstra-dṛṣṭye—according to the conclusion of scriptures    Madhya 6.93
  śāstra-dṛṣṭye—according to the direction of the śāstra    Antya 5.44
  śāstra-gaṇe—in revealed scriptures    Antya 14.46
  śāstra-guru-ātma-rūpe—in the form of Vedic literature, the spiritual master and the Supersoul    Madhya 20.123
  śāstra-jña—well versed in Vedic scriptures    Madhya 6.96
  śāstra-jñāna—the verdict of the scriptures.    Madhya 6.95
  śāstra-jñāna—knowledge of revealed scripture    Madhya 18.197
  śāstra-jñānavān—well versed in Vedic knowledge    Madhya 6.85-86
  śāstra-kartā—compilers of scripture    Adi 17.167
  śāstra-kṛt—the compiler of revealed scripture.    SB 1.10.22
  śāstra-loka-atīta—beyond the conception of people and the revealed scriptures    Antya 14.82
  śāstra-mata—the principles of authorized scriptures    Madhya 6.190
  śāstra-mata—sanctioned by the revealed scriptures    Antya 3.221
  śāstra-paramāṇa—the evidence of revealed scripture.    Adi 4.96
  śāstra-paramāṇa—evidence of revealed scriptures    Madhya 20.353
  śāstra-parasiddhi—determined by reference to the revealed scriptures.    Madhya 20.168
  śāstra-pramāṇa—evidence of revealed scriptures    Madhya 12.191
  śāstra-pramāṇa—the verdict of all Vedic literature.    Madhya 24.75
  śāstra-pramāṇe—by the evidence of revealed scripture    Madhya 11.101
  śāstra-pramāṇe—the verdict of all revealed scriptures.    Antya 7.14
  śāstra-rikta-gaṇa—persons devoid of all regulative principles stated in śāstra    Madhya 24.17
  śāstra-siddhānta—the conclusion of the revealed scriptures    Madhya 9.152
  śāstra-vacana—quotations from revealed scripture    Adi 6.101
  śāstra-vartmabhiḥ—according to different scriptural injunctions.    SB 3.32.33
  śāstra-vidhim—the regulations of the scriptures    Bg 16.23
  śāstra-vidhim—the regulations of scripture    Bg 17.1
  śāstra-vivaraṇa—to the description of the scriptures.    Adi 2.7
  śāstra-vyākhyā—explanation of the scriptures    Madhya 6.191
  śāstra-vāṇī—the indication of revealed scriptures    Madhya 12.56
  śāstra-vākye māni—one has to accept according to the description of revealed scriptures.    Madhya 20.352
  śāstra-yukti—logical arguments on the basis of revealed scripture    Madhya 22.67
  śāstra-yukti—logic on the basis of revealed scripture    Madhya 24.40
  śāstra-yuktye—in argument and logic    Madhya 22.65
  śāstra-ādiṣu—in the revealed scriptures    Madhya 22.68
  śāstra-āgama—and Vedic literatures    Adi 3.38
  śāstra-ājñā—the direction of the revealed scripture    Madhya 22.140
  śāstra-ājñā haya—there is such an order in the revealed scripture    Madhya 15.236
  śāstra-ājñāya—on the order of the scripture    Adi 17.157
  mleccha-śāstra—Mohammedan scripture    Madhya 18.202
  nakha-śastra-pāṇibhiḥ—with His nails and other weapons in His hands    SB 7.8.31
  nija-śāstra—your own scripture    Madhya 18.198
  nānā śāstra—different types of scriptures    Madhya 1.33
  nānā-śāstra—different types of revealed scripture    Antya 4.218
  rasa-śāstra—all transcendental literature concerning the pastimes of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa    Antya 1.218
  sarva-śāstra—all scriptures    Antya 6.28
  sarva-śāstra khaṇḍi—defeating all the false conclusions of different scriptures    Madhya 25.20
  sat-śāstra-paripanthinaḥ—diverted from transcendental scriptural injunctions.    SB 4.2.28
  siddhānta-śāstra—conclusive scripture    Madhya 9.239-240
  sva-śāstra uṭhāñā—raising his scripture.    Madhya 18.186
  tarka-śāstra—scriptures dealing with logic    Madhya 6.189
  tomāra śāstra—your scripture (the Koran)    Madhya 18.189
  tāra śāstra-yuktye—on the logic of his scripture    Madhya 18.187
  ut-śāstra-vartinaḥ—transgressing the regulative principles mentioned in the śāstras    SB 7.4.20
  vaiṣṇava-śāstra—devotional scriptures    Madhya 9.239-240
  vaiṣṇava-śāstra—devotional literature    Madhya 9.362
  veda-śāstra kahe—the Vedic literature instructs    Madhya 20.124
  veda-śāstra-vit—one who knows the purport of Vedic literature    SB 4.22.45
  vismṛta-śastra-astrān—those who have forgotten how to use weapons    SB 10.4.35
  ye-se śāstra—anything written as scripture    Antya 5.101

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