Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sasi

  sasi—of the moon    SB 3.2.34, SB 3.17.8
  sasi—the moon    SB 3.11.29, SB 3.15.38
  sasi—the moon.    Bg 10.21
  sasi—like the moon    Antya 1.175
  sasi—the moon    Antya 1.177
  sasi—moon    Bg 11.19

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sasi

  sasi-prabham—as brilliant as the moon.    SB 4.15.14
  sasi-suryayoh—in the sun and the moon    Bg 7.8
  sasi-yuta-abja-gandha-prathah—who distributes the scent of lotus mixed with camphor    Antya 19.91