Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarpa

  sarpa—by serpents    SB 3.30.26
  sarpa—from snakes    SB 4.14.3
  sarpa—a snake    Adi 11.20
  sarpa—of snakes    Antya 15.75
  gale sarpa—the snake on the shoulder    SB 1.18.38
  kāla-sarpa-ākāra—just like a venomous snake    Madhya 11.10
  sarpa-grastaḥ—one who is bitten by the snake    SB 1.13.46
  sarpa-vapuḥ—the body of a snake    Madhya 25.77
  sarpa-yāga-agnau—in the fire of the sacrifice for killing all the snakes    SB 9.22.36
  sarpa-ādi—a snake, etc.    SB 6.9.37
  viraha-sarpa—the separation snake    Adi 16.21
  viraha-sarpa—of the separation snake    Adi 16.21
  vṛścika-sarpa-hatyā—by killing a snake or a scorpion    SB 7.9.14

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