Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarit

  sarit—rivers    SB 3.5.41, SB 5.19.16, SB 5.26.40
  sarit—river    SB 3.1.18, Adi 16.1
  sarit—the rivers    SB 4.15.12, SB 5.18.32
  sarit—of the Ganges    SB 1.8.2
  sarit—the river    SB 2.8.15
  sarit—a river    SB 3.33.32
  sarit—water.    SB-4.21.31
  sarit—by rivers    SB 5.1.40
  sarit—with rivers    SB 8.2.8
  sarit—near the shores of the rivers    SB 8.12.34
  sarit—the River Ganges.    Madhya 24.217

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sarit

  sa-giri-sarit-samudra-sattvam—with many mountains, trees, oceans and living entities    SB 5.25.12
  sarit divah—the transcendental water within the banks of the Ganges.    SB 4.1.14
  sarit-sresthah—the best of various sacred waters    SB 8.8.10
  sarit-jalaih—by the water of the river    SB 9.15.21
  sarit-jale—in the water of the river.    SB 8.24.14
  sarit-patim—the ocean    SB 5.17.7
  sarit-pravara—of the Ganges    SB 3.28.22
  sarit-pravara—the most important river of all    SB 5.7.10
  sarit-pravara—the great river    SB 5.24.17
  sarit-pulinam—to the bank of the river    SB 10.13.4
  sarit-tate—by the side of the river.    SB 4.14.36
  sarit-tira—to the riverside    SB 10.11.12